2019 Rules & Regulation


1. HOURS OF OPERATION: - SCHEDULING: Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club is open Saturdays and Sundays ONLY from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm beginning Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 25, 2019.  As of Thursday, June 13, 2019, Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club (the Club or “EBCC”) will be open seven days a week, weather permitting from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. The month of September the Club will be open Weekends Only. The cleanout dates are Tuesday, October 1 through Friday, October 4, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The final day for cleanout will be Sunday, October 7, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

EBCC reserves the right to adjust hours of operation for the Club, Tiki Bar, Cafe and Restaurant, including all booked entertainment and events due to inclement weather or beach conditions. This decision is at the sole discretion of Management. The Members will be notified via our emailed Membership Newsletter and updated with any changes.

If, for any reason, the Club determines to restrict or eliminate access to a portion of the Club where your Cabana is located, the Club reserves the right to suspend your Membership for the period in question or terminate your Membership, in which case the Club shall reimburse you for the pro-rated portion of your Cabana Rental Fee for the period of non-use.

To protect the Club and its property, EBCC deems the right to relocate on the beach or remove the portable cabanas off of the beach due to weather forecasts and/or beach conditions. The Members will be notified at the time the decision is made to remove all personal belongings in a timely manner.  

2. A family shall not be considered “Members” until all Membership Dues have been received in full, along with a completed 2019 Application and signed Rules and Regulations. ALL 2019 Applications MUST be approved by Management at the disbursement of Parking Passes and Welcome Packets.   

3. MEMBERS: ·       
“Member 1 and Member 2” shall be defined as husband and wife, couple or partners ·       

“Children” shall be defined as unmarried children of “Member 1” and/or “Member 2” under the age of 25 years old. ·       

“Grandparents” shall be defined as parents of “Member 1 and Member 2,” not to exceed 4 Grandparents listed on a membership.
Note: All Children listed MUST be children of Member 1 and Member 2. All Grandparents Listed MUST be the parents of Member 1 and Member 2. All Nanny's listed MUST be a full-time employee of the Member. Any falsification of Member Application will result in immediate termination of Membership.   ·       

“Nanny” shall be defined as the designated person responsible for accompanying children under the age of 18 years of age. MEMBERSHIPS ARE ALLOWED ONE NANNY. The Nanny will be permitted to accompany minor children with/without “Member 1 and Member 2,” and will be responsible for supervising the minor children and their guests if applicable. The Nanny must be listed on the 2019 Membership Application and Nanny Applications MUST be submitted and approved by Management before June 1. We will not be accepting Nanny Applications after June 1. The Nanny MUST obtain a Nanny Identification Key Tag and MUST wear “Nanny identification wristband AT ALL TIMES when on the property. At no time is the Nanny permitted on the property as a “Nanny” without the minor children and is not permitted to bring guests. Guest Fees will be charged for unregistered Nanny’s in accordance with Section 8 below. If at any time a Nanny is in breach of contract with EBCC, the Nanny will be removed from the property and will no longer be granted access to the Club. Additionally, the Member will not be permitted to replace the Nanny for the remainder of the Membership year.  

Identification Key Tags will be issued upon payment in full of cabana rental fees. All Members MUST have Key Tags no later than July 15, 2019. After July 15, any issuing of new Key Tags MUST be scheduled by appointment only with Management. Members must swipe their key tag upon entering the Club. If a Member forgets their tag they must sign in at the front desk with proof of identification. After (3) sign ins a Member WILL be required to purchase a replacement tag. ALL replacement Key Tags are $10 per tag. If at ANY time a Key Tag is being used by a non-member, the Member will forfeit membership effective immediately.

5. SHARED CABANAS: Neither the Club nor its Management shall have any responsibility for the conduct of a Member with whom you may share a Cabana. To the extent a Member elects to share a Cabana for the season with one or more families, you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk and the Club shall have no obligation or liability in connection with such arrangement.  All families have equal rights when sharing a cabana.

6. SUPERVISION OF MINORS AND YOUNG ADULTS: Member’s children and their guests must be supervised at all times while on Club premises.  No minor child will be allowed on the grounds without a parent or adult guardian, NO EXCEPTIONS. Children will not be allowed in the main building, unless they have an interior cabana. NO RUNNING IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.  Members will be responsible for the cost of any repairs for any damage caused to the facility, including damage caused by their children and/or guests. Anyone under 21 years of age, Member or Guest, will not be allowed on the premises after 8:00 pm unless they are supervised by one of their parents. Skateboards, roller blades, water guns, WATER BALLOONS and bicycles are not allowed on the Club Premises.  


7. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  Members are permitted to bring in Beer and Wine ONLY. No alcohol or any other type or kind may be brought onto the Club property by a member. Beer and Wine, brought by the Member may only be consumed inside the Cabana or on the deck of the Cabana. At no time are Members permitted to consume these beverages anywhere else at the Club. No alcohol, including beer and wine may be stored in your Cabana and will be confiscated. Kegerators are not permitted in the Cabanas. The operator of the Tiki Bar and Restaurant Bar will no longer be selling packaged goods. Members and their guests must purchase alcoholic beverages for consumption at the Club from the Tiki Bar or the Restaurant Bar, if not consuming beer or wine in the Cabana or on the Cabana decks. EBCC demands strict compliance with the laws which govern the operation of a liquor license at the Club and will maintain a zero-tolerance policy for deliberate violation of these rules. Any Member found to be bringing in alcohol (except for beer and wine), or consuming alcohol in violation of these policies will be subject to having their membership terminated.

8. CABANA KEYS: Cabana Keys will be disbursed in Welcome Packets prior to Season. We DO NOT give keys to guests. Members will be responsible for the cost of replacing keys. Due to Club safety and liability concerns ONLY Security is permitted to open your Cabana, with proof of proper identification. If you forget your Key you must go to the outside Key House Entrance. The Main Building does not hold Keys to the Cabanas. After 3 times, the Member WILL be required to purchase a replacement key at the cost of $10 per key.  

9. GUESTS: Members may bring “Guests” to the Club. No Guest is to exceed EIGHT times per season. No family is allowed more than six (6) Guests at any one time without approval from Management at least two (2) days in advance. All Non-Members are considered Guests and must pay Guest fees. Members MUST be present when their Guests arrive. Guests are not permitted on the property without the Member. Guest fees must be paid upon entry at both the Main Building Entrance and the Outside Member Entrance and such fees shall be:
Monday through Thursday $20.00
Friday, Saturday, Sundays & Holidays $30.00  

At NO TIME is a Member or Guest permitted to enter from the Beach. Any guest violating ANY rules put forth by EBCC will not be permitted access to the Club and asked the leave the premises. Guests are the responsibility of the Member. If a Guest violates any of Edgewater’s Rules this WILL directly affect your Membership. ALL GUESTS 5 & UP ARE REQUIRED TO PAY GUEST FEES AND OBTAIN A GUEST WRISTBAND. AT NO TIME ARE THE GUESTS PERMITTED TO REMOVE THE WRIST BAND. ANY MEMBER FOUND WITH UNPAID/UNREGISTERED GUESTS IS IN VIOLATION OF EBCC’S RULES AND REGULATIONS.

10. PARKING:  Single Family Rentals will be issued three (3) Parking Passes. Double Family Rentals will be issued two (2) Parking Passes per family. Triple Family Rentals will be issued one (1) Parking Pass per family along with an extra Parking Pass issued to the Cabana as a “Floater Pass,” to be shared amongst the 3 families, as they agree.  All cars entering the parking lot will be required to present a parking pass to the parking lot attendant and display the pass in the respective vehicles.  Any cars parked in our lot without a valid pass will be towed at the owner’s expense without prior warning. Passes are not transferable on the property. Any Member found breaking this rule will jeopardize their Membership. ALL parking passes will be scanned upon entrance into the lot.

11. CABANA CARE:  Member(s) agrees and takes charge of the cabana “As Is.”  Member(s) agree that the cabana will be left in the same condition as was received on opening day. Management will not be held responsible for any items left by Member(s) or their guests upon completion of the cabana season.   Alterations to the cabanas are not permitted.   Nothing will be attached to the interior or exterior of the cabana without prior approval of Management. This includes any lighting, decorations, Christmas lights, towel hooks, etc. No towels, bathing suits, etc. are to be hung on the railings facing the parking lots.  Blinds must be purchased and installed by Management’s designated or approved vendor/contractor.  Unauthorized blinds or curtains will be removed by Management and the Member will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused by the unauthorized installation. Member shall be jointly and severally liable with all other Members who share their Cabana for any damage to the Cabana other than normal wear and tear.  In the event of an alteration, Member will be responsible for the cost of restoring the Cabana to the condition prior to the alteration. Tampering or removing of any light bulbs from ANY fixtures is prohibited. All personal items must be stored in the Cabana or on your deck. No items will be permitted to be stored in front of your Cabana.

12. PERSONAL GRILLS: Members are permitted to bring personal grills to the Club. Due to the Sea Bright Fire Code (Item 12), grills will not be permitted against the decks of the lower Cabanas. Barbecuing is allowed after 6:00 pm in only those areas designated by the Management.  Barbecuing in any other area is a violation of the Borough of Sea Bright’s fire code and is strictly prohibited. Each Cabana will be assigned a grill location. Due to allergy concerns Members are not permitted to use other Members grills without permission of the Member. Each Member is responsible for securing, maintaining and monitoring their own grill, whether in use or not. EBCC shall have no obligation or responsibility for same. Grill placement in these locations are on a first come first serve basis. Each Cabana is permitted (1) grill per Cabana (48” wide maximum). All grills MUST be labeled with the Cabana number. Grill locations are as follows:   ·       

Grill Pit A (North Pit) Cabanas 1-14 / 105-112 / P7 - P10 ·       
Grill Pit B (Courtyard Pit) Cabanas 15-48 / 113-141/ P1 - P6 & P11 - P30 ·       
Grill Pit C (Pool Pit) Cabanas 49-79/82-105/142/143  

13. FIRE CODES:  The smoking of cigarettes or cigars is permitted ONLY by the Fire Pit, the Grilling Areas, and at the Tiki Bar. IN ACCORDANCE WITH NEW JERSEY STATE LAW WE NO LONGER ALLOW SMOKING ON THE BEACH. Smoking in your Cabana or on your Cabana deck is in violation of our Fire Code. The use of candles, oil lamps, open flames, stoves, propane or butane cooking equipment in or around the Cabanas and decks is strictly forbidden.

14. HOT TUBS Children are not allowed to use the hot tubs.  You MUST be over 18 years of age to use the hot tubs. Please supervise your children. It is the Member’s responsibility to keep their children and any guests out of the Hot Tubs.

15. POOL RULES:  Children under the age of four or those children wearing diapers are not permitted in the large pool.  Rubber boats, tubes, floats, mats, kick or belly boards or swimmies are not permitted in the large pool.  Swimmies are permitted in the kiddie pool only. Coast Guard Certified Vests only are permitted in the large pool. Only the basketballs provided by EBCC are permitted.

16. SWIMMING SAFETY:  Members and their guests must bathe within the roped areas in the ocean or pools and must observe the safety flags as noted by the lifeguards. Flags are as follows:  
Double Red Flag-Water Closed to Public Red Flag- High Hazard (High Surf and/or Strong Currents)
Yellow Flag- Medium Hazard (Moderate Surf and/or Currents)
Green Flag-Low Hazard (Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution)
Purple Flag- Dangerous Marine Life  

For the safety of our Members and Staff, Club Management reserves the right to close the ocean to all Members and their guests at any time due to threatening weather or water conditions.

17. SHOWERS:  All Members and their guests must use showers to remove sand and dirt prior to entering the pools or hot tub.  

18. PETS: Animals are not allowed on Club property at any time.

19. GLASSWARE: Glassware is not permitted in the pool or café courtyard areas. Glass tables of any size are not permitted on the Club Premises.  

20. SECURITY: Edgewater has Security on the Club property seven (7) days per week. Admittance to Club property will be allowed during normal operating hours. We have added additional surveillance cameras to our beach ramp. THIS IS NOT AN ACCESS ENTRANCE FOR MEMBERS OR GUESTS. All Members MUST use the Club entrances to obtain access to the Club.

21. BEACH CHAIRS, DECK UMBRELLAS AND BEACH UMBRELLAS: Umbrellas and chairs are provided as a courtesy by EBCC. Each family will receive (1) umbrella in their Cabana at the start of the season that can remain stored in the Cabana to ensure you always have one. Members are expected to close umbrellas when leaving the Club. Broken umbrellas will be replaced at the discretion of Management and availability. The umbrella shack will sign out (1) additional umbrella per family while supplies last. We ask that you please be courteous to your fellow Members and only take chairs and umbrellas as needed.  

22. COMMON AREAS:  ALL decks and furniture provided by the Club facing the parking lot are common areas and available to all Members. Members are not permitted to set up furniture in these areas. Tables around the Tiki Bar are for the Tiki Cocktail Waitress Service only. Members are not permitted to use these tables for personal food items.

23. GARBAGE: All Members are to clean up their and their children’s and guests’ garbage when leaving the beach or common areas. Please place trash in appropriate receptacles located around the Club.   

24. TREATMENT OF CLUB STAFF AND OTHER MEMBERS: If a Member has an issue with another Member or an Employee of the Club, such issues should be reported immediately to Management. Under no circumstances should any Member or guest of a Member verbally or physically abuse, attack or threaten any Member or Employee of the Club. Any such conduct by a Member or guest of a Member will result in Membership termination.

25. LATE FEES: In the event that a scheduled Cabana Rental Payment is not made on or before its due date, the Member will be assessed a 10% late fee.  No exceptions will be made. In the event the payment is not received together with the 10% late fee within ten (10) days of the due date, EBCC may terminate your membership without further notice.  

26. AMENDMENT OF RULES AND REGULATIONS: Management reserves the right to amend any of the above-referenced Rules and Regulations at their sole discretion.  

27. TERMINATION: Management reserves the right to terminate the Membership of any Member who fails to comply with these Rules and Regulations. If a Membership is terminated by the Management, the Member shall not be entitled to any refund of the Cabana Rental Fee.

28. INJURY AND DAMAGE: Member agrees to and accepts responsibility for any and all injuries to Member and their family as a result of usage of all Club facilities. The Club is not responsible for any damage to any person or personal property at the Club.  It is further understood that usage of all Club facilities is strictly at Member’s risk.  

I agree to abide by all of the Rules and Regulations as stated above.  I acknowledge that any breach of said Rules and Regulations could result in termination of my membership and all privileges that go with said Membership by Management. I also certify that neither I nor anyone to be considered a “Member” under my application have ever been charged, indicted for, plead guilty to, or convicted of a “sex offense”, as such term is defined under N.J.S.A. 2C:7-2.